B A S FC Tour 2015

Well itís back to good old Broadland Sands, or should I say New as itís had a complete Refurb in the bar area. Still No Stella though.

We set off in cars again, due mainly to lack of finances, or that Ĺ of you canít be arsed to stay the whole weekend !!

Safe arrival at the camp, where I am dropped off while they go Shopping. Whoís this Geezer ???

Well look at this, A super size Stella, but I never found it again.

Talking of missing Stella, this is not a piccie of the fridge in my caravan. Bastuds !!!

So onto Friday night for the Awards Night and stuff. Click HERE for my drunken ramblings,

followed by Andrews Bog Off speech (No Vid found, do we not care , then ??)

Aaahhh, Ive just watched right through the Friday night Vid and Andy is on that.

Belchies thoughts on the season, as entertaining as ever. Click HERE for that, and I think you really should take a close look.

UKIP UKIP for ever.

I was adding up the votes gradually, but Steve came over to assist. How kind, but I think he suggested that my counting was a bit Shit.

I canít really remember who got all the awards, but this Video may throw some light on the subject. Click HERE.

A wee vid showing my contempt support for our new Dogsbody candidates. Click HERE. Marcus also put in his pitch for Dream Managership. Click HERE for his thoughts. I canít find Ďowt with VJ, obviously he thinks itís a done deal.

A good night anyway, and back to someones caravan for Banjos etcÖ. It was obviously too much for some lightweights.

Saturday morning and weíre off to school to play Boca Seniors.

I hadnít told anyone that this was the same team we played last year, and had changed their name from the Wotsit Arms,

as they had to keep changing their Footy Name when removed from a pub. Brilliant.

A complete shambles as we were caned about 0-8. Dave Collis actually played very well at Centre-half, but walked off at one point after FG chastised him about a mis-placed pass !! Tart !!! He rejoined a bit later.

Their 6th goal was entertaining as a ball was crossed in, and Barrel scooped it out of the air one handed. Unfortunately, Andy was in goal !!!! Fortunately, no Vid coverage of this debacle as no-one could be arsed, and I was having trouble just staying upright.

Mikey also walked off about 10 minutes from the end, after another wee altercation with ÖÖ Yes, youíve guessed it, FG again.

Calm down, Son !!

Back to their new pub, and we had a fine couple of hours, good food, and a good laugh as Kenny organised some sort of Darts game.

Back home, then the Mini-bus off to the Harbour Inn. Mikey had arranged for three ladies to join us for the evening.

Ooooerrr Missus !!

A bit of Nosh in there, and then we sidled off to Notleys next door. Not a bad night in there, couple of piccies below, with VJ casting an eye over a rather tiddly blonde lady.

FG was up to his tricks yet again, apparently spilling Udays drink, and then getting chastised for it. Having a good day, Eh lad !!

I donít recall leaving there, or in fact what we did on Sunday.

I do sort of remember, I was just in the Bar all day (No, really) watching footy on the tellys.

So its Sunday night so weíre off to Lowestoft for dinner.

As we are walking up the street, I get very excited at the sign below, until I read the Small print.


Down to the Indian, where a good meal was had, by those who hadnít bogged off home by then !!!

I do remember that the Rice Police fucked up, and there was still a lot of it left.

Back to camp, where I stayed in the bar, again, until chucking out time. Well, I had a good time.

Off in the morning, and a smooth journey home with Steve getting us home early afternoon.

Well, its off to The Swan for me, as I start several days of warming down. Always the best bit of the Tour for me, I reckon.

Belated news about a week later, has VJ beating the Dream Team to the post of General Dogsbody. Good Luck VJ.

P.SI have just found a strange Vid labelled bumderpiss. Click HERE to make your own mind up !!

P.S.SAnd another one here named wanker.mp4. Click HERE for a more self-explanatory Video.

Lightweight, but not in an obvious way. Lol.