B A S FC Tour 2017

So, thanks to the money grabbing Holiday Camps tripling the prices for running into the Kids Easter Holidays, I had to find another Holiday Camp near Great Yarmouth. Fortunately, The Cherry Tree Camp Near Yarmouth turned out to be OK, albeit in Middle Class Caravans, with only ONE Toilet in each !

We set off in cars again, due mainly to lack of finances, or that Ĺ of you canít be arsed to stay the whole weekend !!

Safe arrival at the camp, where I am dropped off by Steve, while they go Shopping.

This is not a piccie of the fridge in my caravan. Bastuds !!! Just Like 2015, but I had to get to the bar to investigate, so it was worth the risk !!

So onto Friday night for the Awards Night and stuff.

As the absent Minchie Boys scooped the awards, the Speeches were quite short, more time for drinking then. He He !!

Belchies thoughts on the season, as entertaining as ever. Vids not available, I believe theyíre stuck inside Fatgavs Phone still..

A good night anyway, and back to the Ethnic caravan for Banjos etcÖ. Obviously the Nippers canít cook, so FG did the honours.

FG also seeded the Losers caravan Roof, to give them a taste of things to come.

Saturday morning and weíre still asleepzzzzzÖ.. and I really need a Poo, but it refuses to surface.

Superb Brekky created by Fatgav and Marc

Around Midday, I think, most went off to play Golf at our old Haunt the other side of Lowestoft.Unfortunately, there were 9 of them that went, but the course had only SIX sets of clubs, and actually refused to let them share. Unbelievable, so they returned to Great Yarmouth and spent the afternoon having fun at the seaside instead.


I do sort of remember what I did, I was just in the Bar all day (No, really) watching footy on the tellys, until about 1700. I was in there with FG and Mikey, and we entered into a sweep on the AJ fight later that night. FG had Klits to win in the 11th and AJ to win in the 12th !!! Unlucky Matey !!

So off we go to the Doggies after 1800, and had a pretty good time, with one of the highlights being the Bookie taking the piss out of Barrels pathetic attempts at relieving him of his money !!! Karl won the 1st race on a forecast, but failed to bother the bookie again all night.

Gary had the strategy of betting on No 5 all night, on the thought process that it had to win eventually. Nope !!!!

I had heard that if the Doggie had a Poo on the way in, that it would definitely NOT win, this turned out to be inconclusive and I missed a winner using that strategy as well. Also I was getting jealous as I had still not had a poo !!! I won a small £15 on the last race, just to rub it in !!

So at 2130, We rush back in our Super Taxis to watch AJ Kick some Klitshcov arse.

Outstanding, apart from Steves rendition of the National Anthem. Good Grief !!!

Micky and Karl sat on the Bar floor, next to a rather odd young lady, to watch the whole fight, except when someone would stand in the way !! I had Klitz to win in the 9th on that dodgy sweep, but I gladly lost it.

We then retired to the entertainment suite for a couple of hours, and then back to the Losers caravan, where I was soundly abused Re FÖ.g Family Guy !! Gits !!

IMG_1664†† IMG_1665

Yousee, no Fucking resemblance at all you Fuckers !!!

So to Sunday Morning for a 1230 KIckoff against The Kings Arms, for a change.

Oh, Great news, my arse was waking up, and I galloped into the Loo at the Ground, and had a brilliant Poo Poo. Oh it was Pure Heaven.

We had a relatively strong team out for once, or so I thought !!

We were OK for about 20 minutes, although we rarely actually touched the ball !

Then disaster, as Andy miscued his clearance, and No 5 buried it from about 25 yards. 0-1

Gary was not amused as No 5 finally came good, innit !!

10 minutes later their left winger got to the bye line and sent a fine far post cross over, but no bother as their bloke wasnít there.

Unfortunately, no-one thought to tell Andy, as he just buried it with a superb volley ?!?!?! 0-2

Their Luka in midfield was getting stuck in somewhat, and poor Steve was a victim of his over-zealousness, but he carried on !! Good Lad !!

We came back into it a bit, as Penn and Micky gelled nicely down our left. However, after a couple of runs on the trot, Micky retired from the action, totally fucked. Penn also hit the bar during this spell. So things are looking up as we go in only 0-2 down at Half Time.

Mikey came on but then after 10 minutes they got a breakaway, beat the keeper and the ball was trundling towards an empty net. Donít worry, here comes Andy to the rescue, but he appeared to get there and just buried it again 0-3(He insists he didnít get a touch, but then he would wouldnít he !!)

5 minutes later, a simple corner bounced around the 6 yard box, and was hooked home for a 4th.

Back they came again, and a rather dodgy non-challenge by Barrel let his man straight through to slot home for 0-5 !!

We actually attacked for the next 10 minutes, resulting in a free kick on the Ĺ way line, excellently floated in, nodded on by Steve , to the onrushing Barrel who looped his header into the far corner for a great goal, 1-5

Unfortunately, that was about it, as the Drink started to take its Toll, as they just ran through us for a quick 4 more goals to make it 1-9 !!

Oh, I nearly forgot, their 7th goal was a bit of a melee, which was then expertly converted by VJ lying on the ground. Good Grief !!

We stumbled to the end with no further disasters. F/T 1-9

Back to the Pub in various Cars to watch the Yids Title Chances evaporate as my Toffees surrendered to the Mighty Chelsea.

As you can imagine, I was gutted as circa: 2014 and Man City !!!!

They then cheered up a bit as they kicked some Gooner arse.


Strange gestures as Zed said he thought the score was 2-0 at this point !!

Big Thanks to Micky Pywell, the Pub Boss, for a superb Barbecue of Sausage/Burgers !!

Now the Indian, Bombay Nite, is 0.8 miles away. Anyone who knows me, is quite aware if the word Mile is used, I ainít walking !!

The rest said they would walk, so I just ordered a cab for me. However, as our favourite 8 seater pulled up, I was amazingly joined by 7 others.

Down to the Indian, where a good meal was had, by those who hadnít bogged off home by then !!!

Not a Bad Indian, although I nearly died at one point thanks to Fatgav the Git !!

You can see my discomfort HERE.


The 2nd picture is of Zed and Marcís bit, the messy Pups !!

Back to camp, where I stayed in the bar, again, until chucking out time. Well, I had a good time.

Obviously, we had to get the Losers caravan, and at 0520 there was a terrible racket from their caravan. Job Done !!!

Belch provided the above, which was plastered all over their cars too !!

Off in the morning, and a smooth journey home with Steve getting us home early afternoon.

Well, itís off to The Star for me, as I start several days of warming down. Always the best bit of the Tour for me, I reckon.

Go on, Admit it, we all miss Flipper


So we now have a Cup Semi Final against Wormley on Sunday May 14th at Bush Hill Park.

Lets all get down there and get through to the Final.